Apr 16, 2009

Giant Nakamura

"i heard your dad couldn't get you into ucla film school?  yeah, he didn't let me in either..."  that was one of the first things that eric nakamura, creator & president of giant robot, said to me when we sat down for lunch at his restaurant gr/eats.  those were comforting words coming from someone who has been able to shape an entire culture through his magazine, 4 stores, and restaurant.  
you gotta respect eric's entrepreneurial vision and execution.  i mean dude built 3 businesses right in the middle of his community (he grew up blocks away from sawtelle).  as big and busy as he is, eric still found time to help another nakamura from the westside navigate through his quarter life crisis!
check out the "papershapers" show that eric curated at the scion gallery in...that's right culver fuckin city! (the show ends may 2)