May 6, 2009

LA Asian Pacific Film Festival Part 1

mass movement tv invaded opening night of the LA asian pacific film festival last week. none of the photographers wanted to take our picture in front of the backdrop so we had to ask someone to take one with my camera.
eric nakamura felt sorry for us so he interviewed me for the directors chair site
dj phatrick and o-dub on the 1's and 2's Photobucket
beau sia lookin hecka hard in a shimmery green scarf Photobucket
e.t. with michael chen the star of the opening night film children of invention directed by tze chun
sometimes there's a lot of hollywood bullshit at these kinda things, it is LA. but i can always depend on a handful of down-to-earth filmmakers have fun with. from left to right: michael velasquez (who did all the photo effects in song), patrick epino, phuong tang and tim jieh. Photobucket